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Cosmetic correction for disfigured eyes: Kuldeep Raizada

Posted by Kuldeep Raizada on Sunday, April 20, 2014, In : Cosmetic Correction 

Eye are very much important part of human body organs, in some cases person born with congenital conditions such as scarred cornea, or leucocorea, Sclero-cornea  or someone who lost eyes at later stage of life, cosmetic correction become very very important for such individuals.

Cosmetic correction can be done with the help of oculoplasty surgeon, in case of
  some one eye is painful,  disfigured and bulging forward where a prosthetic  shell is impossible to fit, such individua...

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Helpful Suggestion for An Artificial Eye Wearer

Posted by Kuldeep Raizada on Saturday, April 19, 2014, In : Artificial Eyes 


It is important to remember that an artificial eye, which appears satisfactory to the wearer, may be an indifferent fit when viewed by the observer. After all, the observer is the one whom you desire to impress and who sees you as you really are. Your expressions when looking in the mirror are entirely different from your expressions when talking. The first are blank but the second are filled with animation, reflections of your ever-changing thoug...

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Care for Artificial Eye: Kuldeep Raizada, Ph D BCO, BADO

Posted by Kuldeep Raizada on Saturday, April 19, 2014, In : Ophthalmology 


The morning routine for hygiene care begins with a thorough hand scrub including the fingertips.  A warm wet face cloth with a 'no more tears' baby shampoo is then applied to the eyelids since they are normally crusted with secretion. (This shampoo has a neutral pH and will not sting to the socket tissue or the fellow eye, plus it destroys bacteria.) The warm wet face cloth will soften the secretion allowing you to remove it by wiping inward toward the nose. (Do not wipe outward,...

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About Me

Dr Kuldeep Raizada, Ph D, BCO BADO Kuldeep Raizada completed his basic optometry education at Gandhi Eye Hospital, Aligarh, and has his training at L V Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad. where he was also Founder and Head of the Department of Ocular Prosthesis services till 2009. He completed a second fellowship, in Anaplastolgy, at MD Anderson Cancer Centre, Houston. He has also been trained by the top most ocularist and anaplastologist in United States of America. His clinical interests include ocular and facial prosthesis, particularly in pediatric patients. His research interests lie in newer advancement in development of new types of prosthesis, newer solution for ptosis corrective glasses. Kuldeep Raizada, is Founder & Director of the International Prosthetic Eye Center since 2010, where he is practicing since 2010. Kuldeep Raizada has been recognized by the American Society of Ocularist, USA and American Anaplastology Association,USA and by several other professional organizations, for his excellence in research and clinical practice. Kuldeep Raizada, have completed all requirements by American Society of Ocularist, which is hard work of 14000 working hours as well extensive study for prosthetics, Hence awarded the Diplomate Ocularist from American Society of Ocularist, USA, 2012, Chicago, USA, which is the First ever received all over Asia Pacific & throughout Middle East so ever. At present he is reviewer of several journals like Contact Lens & Anterior Eye, International Journal of Anaplastology, Oculoplasty & Reconstructive Surgery (OPRS) and Many others. He has published and presented world widely