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Know Deepa Rani Diddi, M Sc, BCO, CCA, AIMPT,  Board Cerified Clinical Anaplastologist

Deepa D Raizada, MS, AIMPT
Deepa Rani Diddi, M.Sc. BCO. CCA AIMPT
Board Certified Ocularist
Board Certified Clinical Anaplastologist
Director & Founder  
Maxillofacial Prosthetics Unit

Master In Clinical Maxillofacial and Craniofacial technology, Kings College London

Deepa completed her diploma and clinical fellowship in optometry at L V Prasad Eye Institute, India, in 2003, pursued her graduation from Madhurai Kamraj University, 2006.

She had completed her Master of Science (M Sc)  in “Maxillofacial and Craniofacial Technology” (2010-2012), King’s Collage London, UK where she was trained to work exclusively  in the field of Maxillofacial Prosthetics.

Deepa is also an associate Member of The Institute of Maxillofacial Prosthetist & Technologist, UK  (AIMPT) since 2014. & Active Member of International Anaplastology Association, (IAA) USA  since 2009.

Deepa Have make a remarkable success in becoming "Asia's First Board Certified Clinical Anaplastologist ( BCCA") and Bring glory for India as to Make India Fifth Nation to have a Board Certified  Clinical Anaplastologist.

She Did complete her Board Certification for Ocularist (BCO), By National Examination Board of ocularist, USA in March 2018 

She persued her basic training in Ocularistry from L V Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad and advanced training in Ocular Prosthetics (May – July, 2005) at Moorefield’s Eye Hospital, London, UK under Mr Nigel Saap. 

She worked as an Ocularist at Ocular Prosthesis Department, L V Prasad Eye Institute from 2003 – 2010. She worked with different type of techniques, developed new techniques in the fabrication and fitting of ocular & facial Prostheses. Her  work was well recognized and appreciated.

Her clinical interest include make her career in the art and science of facial prosthetics and ocular prosthetics, particularly in pediatric patients. Her research interests lie in developing new techniques in the field of facial prosthetics, and undertake research on materials used in this field.

Deepa Raizada has been recognized by the Oculoplasty Society of India, Indian Optometric Association and by several other professional organizations in India as well as Internationally, for her excellence in research and clinical practice.

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Fact about Deepa Raizada:

  1. She is the  First Indian Lady to be American Board Certified Ocularist  (BCO) as well as Board Certified Clinical Anaplastogist (CCA).
  2. Her credentials are unmatched with any one from Asia, Middle East, Africa &  Europe. First Ever Indian Lady to be American Board Certified Ocularist  (BCO) 2018
  3. First Ever Indian Lady to received Her Board Certification in Clinical Anaplastology (CCA) 3rd Individual in the World to have CCA and BCO, (Other 2 in USA)
  4. She bring the glory  to India for bringing the First Ever CCA &  made a land mark for India to 5th country in the world.


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