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International Prosthetic Eye Center is willing to show all variety of cases, including the ocular & Facial Prosthesis, we do Treat not only child but also adult patient, which includes microphthalalmia, anophthalmia, phthisis bulbi, atrophic bulbi, Post Evisceration, post Enulceation, Post Contracted Socket, Extentetrated sockets, We also fabricate the Magnet Prosthesis, LIght Weight Prosthesis, Facial prosthesis, Ear Prosthesis, Socket Expanders, Custom Conformers, Molded conformer, Serial Socket expanders, we use combination of Digital iris technique, Hand Painted Iris Technique, as well 3D Printing technique  to give real time prosthesis, which stimulate the real body organ.

Ocular and facial defects are rehabilitated at the International Prosthetic Eye Center using ocular and facial prostheses respectively. Most common causes of these defects include post-cancer treatment, after injury, Infections in eye and children born with a defect (Microphtalmia/anophthalmia). Each prosthesis is custom-designed to camouflage the defect and match perfectly to the contralateral side, which gives a natural life-like cosmetic appearance. It needs a great talent and experience to do a good job in this skilled work. Such experienced clinical staff, Dr Kuldeep Raizada and Deepa Raizada (Ocularist & Anaplastologist) of International Prosthetic Eye Center, travelled to various parts Internationally to pursue education and experience in this field, and implemented new techniques and technology in their work. These completely changed the standards of work. Successful results are achieved even in challenging cases, which was not possible before.Custom-designed ocular prosthesis is fitted to the patients following eye removal surgery and disfigured or shrunken eyes. Children born (Microphtalmia/anophthalmia) with these defects should be started with the treatment as soon as possible. This enables normal growth of the socket. The longer they delay the treatment, more compromised the results will be, and sometimes there can be a permanent damage.

Common facial defects include loss of orbital contents (eyeball and surrounding structures), ear and nose. These cases are rehabilitated by fitting an orbital, auricular (ear) and nasal (nose) prosthesis respectively. These can be held in place using adhesives and craniofacial Ossion-integrated magnetic implants. The implants are surgically placed in the bone, and magnets connect them to the prosthesis.


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