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If your child has been diagnosed with retinoblastoma, and enucleation surgery is recommended, our Los Angeles ocularists are here to help restore your child’s appearance and well-being.  This surgical procedure is utilized to minimize any further risk to your child’s health.  Is it important to focus on the preventative nature of this treatment and the positive outcome with artificial eye restoration.

Kuldeep Raizada Hyderabad Board Certified Ocularist, has over 15 years of prosthetic eye care for survivors of retinoblastoma.  

For more information on retinoblastoma, please read our blog post, “Retinoblastoma:  The Signs, Symptoms, and Solutions” found under the Blog Tab.  We have also included a link to Retinoblastoma International, an organization dedicated to fighting children’s eye cancer worldwide, under the Resources Tab – Website Links.

You can see some of the patients, who have undergone for procedure Custom Artificial Eyes, Silicone Eye Prosthesis, Ear Prosthesis, Facial Prosthesis, Magnetic Eye Prosthesis, Digital Eye, Treatment for  mcirophthalmos & anophthalmos, with the Best ocularist in India, for the best Artificial eye and Facial Prosthesis, by Deepa D Raizada & Kuldeep Raizada, who are the world's Best Artificial eye maker and Facial Prosthesis Fabricator,  at international Prosthetic Eye Center, India


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